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The song sets the mood perfectly, and White Buffalo sings about disappearing. For the first time since Frank arrived in New York, we have a chance to think about how happy he was as Peter Castiglione. He had disappeared. Let us know in the comments. Eric is a software engineer who lives and works in the NYC metro area.

When he's not writing, he's reading. When he's not writing or reading, he is displeased. You can find his personal blog over here. By Eric Goebelbecker Apr 9, Television. Since this is the end of the series, there are plenty of spoilers ahead. By Eric Goebelbecker Apr 2, Television. Feb 29, stephanie rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult , View 1 comment. If a gun introduced in the first act must go off in the 2nd, when should the mint rookie Stargell baseball card introduced on p11 get stolen by the titular substance abusing brother?

I was on the fence about Cut, but really liked both Sold and Purple Heart, so I had high hopes for this one. I'm going to put it down for myself but push on teens that don't know Chekhov. Oct 28, Olivia Hart rated it really liked it. He moved to California and stopped talking to them completely. Toby the narrator , Jake, Eli, and their mom are the main characters. They are all pretty shaken up and upset about this happening. All of the brothers start to grow very close to each other. Then Jake, the older brother, starts to get into trouble with drugs. He tries to help silently throughout the book though.

One time by flushing his weed down the toilet. This goes on for a long while until one day Jake almost dies, gets arrested, and is sent to rehab. Before this Toby tries to call his father and leaves a message but t ends up being a different Tom Malone. The two biggest main characters being Jake and Toby run into a lot of problems.

For example, Jake really begins to struggle with himself and his addiction due to loneliness because of his dad leaving. Toby has he problem of loving his brother and not wanting to get him in trouble but also wanting to help him overcome the battle with himself. All of the characters really struggle with losing their father but Jake and his mother especially. Both become very depressed. His mother focuses more on dating, starts smoking, stays in bed a lot, and ignores signs of Jake being an addict. Mostly drug related and not like traveling adventures most would think of.

My favorite character personally was Jake just because there is a big focus on him and I feel he was the most interesting. Not that he was a great character to look up to, I really felt for him and the situation he was in because it was so touchy and emotional.


I could relate to a couple of the characters in the story. He was scared of snitching him out. I have been in a similar situation before. I could also relate to their mother who was too oblivious to see warning signs before it was too late. I feel she chose to ignore them to not hurt herself even more. In the same way I related to Toby, I have been there.

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I have done these things before with somebody close to me in my family. I did like this book. It was a little slow in the beginning but once you get engaged with what is going on and what the book is really about, which is a deep topic, you become very interested.

Inhumans Prime #1 – My Brother's Keeper

I like that the book had a deeper meaning than what you read in the beginning. My favorite part of the book is when Toby tries to get ahold of his dad for the first time after he leaves by searching and searching for his number. It was a very touching moment for Toby actually thought he was leaving a message to his father and says "If this is you, could you please call us back?

Something bad happened and Jake's in trouble. You could also tell he missed a father figure by when he said he wished there was a reason to be on the phone with him. In this book, Patricia Mccormick wrote in detail very well. I could visualize the things going on in my head most of the time. Her writing style kept me intrigued the whole time. One thing Mccormick could have worked on was making the book less predictable.

Though it was interesting, I felt like I knew what was going to happen next. Maybe it was because I related to the narrator, but an unexpected twist would have been even better. I would definitely recommend this book to other people. This is because it is a very eye opening story. The message of the book would not hurt anybody to know. I think the type of person that has shared some of the same, or similar experiences to different characters of the book are the people that would really enjoy it. Or even people that enjoy reading books about deep meanings would really love this book.

Sep 26, Emily Carrell rated it it was amazing. This book is one of those more serious types for 5th grade and up. Based on the reading level, I was expecting it to be 3rd grade level, but the topics of the book are so serious, in depth, and complicated that it would be difficult for a 3rd grader.

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Toby Malone is the middle child of three rowdy boys who live with their single mother. Toby is a bright student with a love for his family and all things baseball.

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He's finally going through the beginning of the awkward pre-teen stages where girls f This book is one of those more serious types for 5th grade and up. He's finally going through the beginning of the awkward pre-teen stages where girls finally start to become cute and have fewer cooties and sex-ed is a required class of his.

The father is usually the one in the family to give the sex talk, but a few years back, his father left them in the middle of the night, scarring Toby for life. His mother went into a depressed-state for a while and it was up to Toby and his older brother, Jake, to take care of things around the house. When his mother came back to them, she was never the same. Toby tried his best to make everything perfect around the house and with the boys' lives, so she would never have to worry again. Then, Jake starts getting into drugs, and Toby is willing to cover everything up for him just to make the family's life feel normal; if everything is normal, then mom won't go back into her depression.

However, when Jake started hanging out with the druggies and then doing it himself, he quit baseball and never comes home earlier than am. Toby makes it on the baseball team, gets one of his favorite baseball cards from Mr. D his only male role-model , and everything seems to be fine with the world for Toby. But what would happen if that world suddenly fell apart?

My brother's keeper

Like if mom started dating someone else, if Jake started becoming more and more reckless, or if Toby can't handle the stress of school and home-life all at once. My only issue with this book is that Eli is 8-years-old, and the author portrays Eli so immaturely like he's still in pre-school or something. A well-written book about dealing with puberty, drugs, a missing dad, a clueless mom, and a just as clueless younger brother.

Would keep this in my class library if I was a 4th or 5th grade teacher and above, but wouldn't read aloud to my students. Feb 14, Marten Wennik rated it liked it Shelves: to-make-you-think , read-for-teaching.

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  8. While this book is the second written by Patricia McCormick, it is the fifth I have read. For me, it did not quite equal the power of the other's written and, while certainly a pertinent and serious topic, did not really grab me like her other books. This novella is about a middle child in a crumbling American family. Toby's parents are divorced, his younger brother Eli is rejecting reality and not maturing, while his older brother, Jake, is falling apart because of a drug addiction and hanging While this book is the second written by Patricia McCormick, it is the fifth I have read.

    Toby's parents are divorced, his younger brother Eli is rejecting reality and not maturing, while his older brother, Jake, is falling apart because of a drug addiction and hanging with the wrong crowd. Toby is traumatized in a way by all of this and struggles to figure out his role, position, responsibility in all of this. Certainly, this is a relevant point of view in today's society. However, McCormick seems to decide to take it to the next level with Toby struggling with early greying hair, potential girlfriend issues, making the baseball team, and some more challenges.

    While these are all realistic to a 9th-grade kid today, it seems too much for pages and draws from the bigger issues, as Toby never really comes to terms with all these issues. McCormick makes much of the hair early on, but then dismisses it as a bit of humor in the end.

    She could have left that out and still been effective in telling the story of a pre-teen challenged with real-life issues. Still, it is a good read and one that I would recommend to young readers entering their teenage years. Jan 26, Patsy Parker rated it liked it.

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    Intriguing story about a middle child trying to "help" his older brother while he watches him fall into a bad friendship, get into alcohol and drugs, and give up playing baseball. Interesting to see how co-dependency forms in a person out of their need to "love" and "protect" the ones they care about while struggling at the same time with all of their own pent up anger towards the one they are trying to protect.