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Now that the CW drama has wiped its grief stricken eyes over the death of Luke Perry,. The Nov. Netflix will b. Turns out, if you whine and speculate and prod about something long enough, it might actually come true. However, there are two distinctly aware of this secret history. The first of them would tell the following tale:. Small and simple, imps are the most basic of all demons. They are generally not very intelligent and prone to giving into their most basic instincts relating to different kinds of evils, sins, and depravities. Imps are typically small creatures, about a foot in height, with horns, bat-like wings, and slender tails.

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  • Roughly half of the demons in Anserak are some kind of imp. The guardian creatures of Anserak.

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    They tend to serve the purpose of of guard dogs for different places in Hell and as tormentors for damned souls, chasing them across the various landscapes of Anserak. Sex demons, Succubi and Incubi are the most standard demons related to Lust. They tend toward being supernaturally beautiful, usually with horns, bat-like wings, spade-tipped thin tails, and cloven hooves.

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