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Sometimes a dog will lean on a human because he is anxious, wants you to do something, or take him somewhere. But leaning is also a symbol of affection.

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Even if your dog is leaning on you out of pure nervousness, he is still doing it because he thinks of you as someone who can protect him and keep him safe. We think we can read a dog by its tail, but its facial expressions are a way more powerful indicator. When seeing their parent, the dogs immediately lifted their eyebrows especially their left , and when they saw a stranger there was a lot less facial movement, except for movement of the right brow. Yet, when they saw an item they knew and had bonded with, the dogs shifted their left ear back.

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Thank you! Get the best LittleThings. Share With. Elyse is a Senior Writer at LittleThings. She enjoys tacos, kickboxing, and naming animals. Pets living in an enriched environment feel safe. Other dogs may show love at first sight.

Do pets show affection for different reasons other than wanting to be with us or to show us love? A book called No Walks? Such exercises may consist of food puzzles, or toys that entice pets to figure out how best to get a treat. Animals who are less domesticated and who have a tendency to be afraid, such as parrots and exotic pets, may be less forgiving than dogs.

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Thank you for informative article. I have 2 cats who adopted me. I travel overseas for 3 months or so out of country.

I ask my neighbour to look after them as they were living on street. When I come back, see them first time and call their name, they come running to greet me but last few steps toward me are hesitant as if telling me where did you go all this time? Of course after I pick them up, talk to them and hug them, all is normal as if nothing had happened. Both of them are very loving and warm. They exhibit their love by being around me. As I walk by, I say Mau Mau their given name , they meow and acknowledge it.. When I go to bed and turn light off, they come and sit on my chest purring while I gently pat them and massage their body.

In the morning same thing happens but this time with an added request, get up and give us food! How do pets show love?

February 14, Lauren Barker. In what ways do pets show love? What is oxytocin? Is there a certain way we should talk to our pets to help gain their trust?

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