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So what if you and a colleague have been flirting and might want to explore a relationship? Should you steer clear? What the Experts Say There are perfectly good reasons why coworkers fall for one another , says Art Markman, a professor of psychology and marketing at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Research shows that we also tend to fall for people who are similar to ourselves, says Amy Nicole Baker, an associate professor of psychology at University of New Haven and author of several papers on workplace romance. Here are some things to think about. There are also potential conflicts of interest. There are also reputational risks. So, before you jump in, check your motives and consider how others will perceive them.

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Having positive intentions at the start may also help guard against hurt feelings and misunderstandings should the romance eventually end. Both experts acknowledge that boss-employee romances do happen — and sometimes those relationships work out. Keep your disclosure simple and straightforward.

Make sure that your manager is one of the first to be informed. They may prefer you not work together. You also want to set up boundaries with your partner. Case Study 1: Always keep it professional Heather Townsend and her colleague, Alex, were both working at one of the Big Four accounting firms when they became interested in one another.

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      Leverage disagreements to rebuild connection. Feel safe to talk about what really matters.


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