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Buy this book, read it with pleasure and share it with those you love. They will thank you! The characters form a part of a compelling story interwoven within the economic, political and social fabric of the period. It is a 'must read' both for novices and for those long interested in the history of our country.

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I have read Dr. Troxler's historical non-fiction and always learned from the precise language, information and documentation, but I never found myself emotionally involved with the people about which the works were written. I cared about the people in Red Dog, enjoyed their stories, and even learned some history, especially about The Regulator Movement.

It is in the North Carolina Piedmont. Thirteen-year-old Lizzy worries for her younger brother. They are orphans, separated by apprenticeships to different masters. As a white girl, she is curious about slavery, which is not yet secure in the Piedmont. Lizzy bonds with ethnically diverse friends, and their help to one another brings danger.

With memories of her mother fading, Lizzy learns to think—and feel—her own way.

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  6. There are nuggets of recognition to engage twenty-first century readers and connect them with the backcountry world of Lizzy and her friends. Their stories display everyday habits, folk knowledge and stories, religious identities, and experiences with fosterage and apprenticeship. The teenagers use skills such as papermaking, guiding a pack line of horses across a stream, and using snakes to kill bad guys.

    She and George Troxler are in their fifty-first year of marriage. She continues to research and write scholarly history as Professor Emerita at Elon University.

    Tweaky and Samuel

    Decades of research fed her imagination while she created The Red Dog: A Tale of the Carolina Frontier, her first work of fiction, during summer breaks from her usual writing. Louis parking garage injured the unintended victim, a lawyer whose car was nearly identical to that of the intended victim, also a lawyer. The struggle of its deftly-drawn young characters to navigate the monumental changes—cultural and personal— that the civil rights movement brought to the South is rich and compelling. From the moment I began this compelling novel, it followed me around; the riveting plot and real-life characters would not let me go.

    Tacker Hart left his home in North Carolina as a local high school football hero, but returns in disgrace after being fired from a prestigious architectural assignment in West Africa. Yet the culture and people he grew to admire have left their mark on him. Adrift, he manages his father's grocery store and becomes reacquainted with a girl he barely knew growing up. Kate Monroe's parents have died, leaving her the family home and the right connections in her Southern town. But a trove of disturbing letters sends her searching for the truth behind the comfortable life she's been bequeathed.

    On the same morning but at different moments, Tacker and Kate encounter a young African-American, Gaines Townson, and their stories converge with his. As Winston-Salem is pulled into the tumultuous s, these three Americans find themselves at the center of the civil rights struggle, coming to terms with the legacies of their pasts as they search for an ennobling future.

    Elaine Neil Orr writes fiction, memoir, and literary criticism. With stories set in Nigeria and the American South, she delves into themes of home and displacement. Her novels are journeys of conscience. She is associate editor of a collection of essays on international childhoods, Writing Out of Limbo , and the author of two scholarly books.

    Featuring recipes and species suggestions that open a wide world of good eating, Carolina Catch shows that one of the best ways to steward our precious fisheries is to recognize the seasonality of North Carolina's seafood and cook with it! Catch, and photographer, Little Rivers and Waterway Tales. Early in life, North Carolinian Debbie Moose encountered fish primarily in stick form, but once she experienced her first raw oyster and first fried soft-shell crab, their pure flavors switched her on to shellfish and fish forever. Moose has now written the cookbook that unlocks for everyone the fresh tastes of North Carolina grilled tuna, steamed shrimp, pan-seared mountain trout, fried catfish, and baked littleneck clams, to name just a few of the culinary treasures sourced from the waters of a state that stretches from the mountains to the sea.

    In ninety-six dishes, Moose shows how to prepare North Carolina fish and shellfish—freshwater, saltwater, wild-caught, and farmed—in both classic southern and inventive, contemporary ways. The book's Best Basics section provides a much needed one-stop resource for confident selection, preparation, and storage, and the Think Seasonal section offers a comprehensive list with descriptions and peak availability of North Carolina fish and shellfish. Recipes include suggestions for appropriate alternate fish or shellfish—the idea is to try new varieties in season and support local fisheries.

    And, as Moose explains, dock-to-door services and local seafood organizations are making sourcing easier for home cooks. Debbie Moose of Raleigh knows that nothing connects people—and helps them have a good time—like food. Her seventh cookbook will be published in Her freelance work appears in newspapers and magazines, and she is a five-time winner for essay writing from the Association of Food Journalists. Debbie is a member of Southern Foodways Alliance. Follow her on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram , and visit her website, www. For workshop descriptions and faculty profiles, visit MilSpeak Foundation.

    It's about all the assorted packages she has mailed to her three daughters over the years.

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    The book, which consists mainly of diary entries between and letters that chronicle Judy's Russian friends and experiences, will be published in early Whether she is kayaking on the lake 'I glided into diamonds' or noting a solitary clematis blooming on her late husband's birthday, she presents a remarkable tapestry of all of our lives, in which, as William Blake wrote, 'Joy and woe are woven fine. She has an incredible ear for sound, including rhyme and meter.

    This, coupled with an eye and heart for discovering the sublime in nature, gives her poems a classical feel—a formality that ups the poignancy while keeping sentimentality at bay. It is their story and her story: the hard and beautiful necessity of moving on while never forgetting. Happily, Howard's sonnets, such as 'Time Travel,' 'The Secret,' and 'Grace' shimmer with superb craft, evidence of a clear and powerful intelligence. Like those of Gerard Manley Hopkins, her use of word links: 'lake wed, these now years, and life hearts on' create new meanings and illuminations.

    It is a love story. Howard was a former teacher and enjoys walking, kayaking, and birding around beautiful Lake Chatuge in Hiawassee, Georgia. Her poem will be exhibited May , , and appear in the Poetry Leaves bound volume. When Renee Hodges invited her nephew, Bobby, to come stay with her for a few weeks so he could visit a doctor about his back pain, she knew he was recovering from an addiction to prescription painkillers. She believed that if he could address his back problems, he would have a better chance of staying clean—but she had no idea what a roller coaster ride she was getting on.

    Unlike other books about addiction, Saving Bobby begins after rehab is over. Told in part through journal entries, e-mails, and personal recollections, this raw, honest, deeply moving memoir—begun to keep the family accountable—describes the sixteen months that Hodges, her husband, and their community struggled alongside Bobby as he attempted to successfully re-enter the day-to-day world.

    Using a holistic and open approach, the shame and stigma associated with addiction was lessened—and ultimately, Bobby learned he had to save himself.

    A gripping and heartrending story of survival, Saving Bobby is an essential, timely read for those concerned about America's most pressing epidemic. She co-wrote and self-published the Best Kept Secrets series of guides in the s. Settling into motherhood and raising a family, however, has been her most satisfying work, and today she is a wife, mother of three, writer, investor, community volunteer, and avid tennis player.

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    She is also a Shatterproof ambassador. Learn more about her book and her appearances by visiting www. He writes from a core of truth with illuminating, descriptive, deeply personal prose. Trace Ramsey ventures unflinchingly into the emotional landscape. Intimate and sometimes stark, he engages us by tapping a common well of humanity, and shining light into dark corners. There are no wasted words. In this collection of short stories, essays, and poetry, Ramsey examines his family history and shows us how darkness can trickle through generations.

    Tweaky and Joseph

    He looks to people like his grandparents and his partner for hope and works to move beyond abuse and mental illness to find what is worth passing on to his children. In a unique voice of clean, deliberate prose, he relays stories about the damage of the past and recovery in the present that is both brutal and achingly pretty.


    Tweaky and Samuel - eBook

    As the personal often sheds light on the universal, Trace's memories of his childhood and the scenes from his life today also give us the story of our time, our country, and a people longing to find substance, freedom, and meaning. In December, , Trace received a certificate in documentary arts in nonfiction writing from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. Trace lives in Durham with his partner and two children. Registration is open. Bad things simply must happen to good characters. Drawing upon contemporary examples, participants will discuss the fundamental way that short stories and novels differ in structure, beginning with the most fundamental element of any narrative: conflict.

    How does it work in short fiction? How does it work in the novel? Why is it important to know the difference?