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I learned how to be more accepting and loving towards these TV characters, and therefore, I was able to better acceptant love people in real life with whom I disagree. I know longer focus on their faults, but see them as a whole person.

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One who is struggling but good at the core, just like me. There are certain things available for our consumption that will always be wrong to watch. Porn is an extreme but good example of this. Is this particular media leading you to love others more or less?

If you continue to slip into sin because of the media, consider cutting it out of your life. For example, once, after beginning a new show on Netflix, I noticed the reoccurrence of some impure scenes within my dreams as I slept. This became obvious when the scenes started popping into my head during the day. The process is continual.

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Seek guidance and direction from trusted religious figure-heads whether in person, online, in books, or in prayer. A song may be relatively mild but still bothers your conscience when it comes on the radio. Listen to your conscience and turn it off. You can also bring it up when you…. This helps you strengthen weapons If media is causing you to sin in minor ways, the graces of the Sacrament may help you to stand firm when faced with that temptation.

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A Christian Perspective on Horror in Movies & Culture

It will also help you to iron out any situations in which you may have misconstrued your conscience. Sadly, sin will exist until the end of time. However, thanks to Christ, sin is no longer something to fear. Instead, I think we should seek grace constantly so that we can live courageously, unafraid of the secular world.

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Do you have personal guidelines for what you watch, read, or listen to? Care to share them in the comments? You can find out more about her here warned ya she liked cheesy puns. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Copyright - Blessed is She.

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My dilemma was actually somewhat agonizing. Listen to Your Well-Formed Conscience As a Catholic, that was really all I was required to do in order to keep my mind from slipping into immorality. This is why my priest-friend gave me one last bit of advice before I left the confessional that day: See the goodness and humanity within this show and focus on it.

Do not seek out the immorality. Regularly examine the effects this media has on your life.

Watching Movies Through Christian Lenses

Continue to form your conscience. Listen to your conscience. For instance, on Feb. The most powerful messenger of the first century Now we stand here 20 centuries later Because he was a traveler He was a learned man not of the original sect so he was able to take the message to the rest of the world He was saved from persecution due to his Roman citizenship I have the right to speak my voice Originally named Saul, this man renounced God and persecuted Christians thousands of years ago.

He was living a sinful life—until God blinded him. Then Saul walked the Road of Damascus for days without food or water. When he reached his destination, God restored his sight. When we understand that West views his albums as stories, then we can view the confluence of artistic projects surrounding his albums in a different light.

West uses the visual elements to reveal more about the sonic, musical elements of his work. Thus, we can align the story on the Jesus is King album with the film. While West has been very open about his faith and connection with God over the course of his career, we can gain a little more insight when we view that commentary through his art. The first act features West aspiring to be a hip hop superstar.

How to Navigate the Endless Streams of Entertainment

With this motivation, West goes off and begins his career. However, at first he only makes superficial music.

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  5. While fame provides him with the tools to reach more people with his music, stardom also inflates his ego and often makes him inconsolable. Basically, through all the confusion and turmoil of those albums, we see West detached from what he learned from God on The College Dropout.

    How to View Media Through the Lens of Faith

    Instead of connecting with God and living by his word, West is lost, pessimistic, sinful, alone. Since s , each successive album has featured West slowly recapturing his former spiritual self from The College Dropout. They always have to keep working on themselves and remembering their commitment to God. In , he was ready to give himself over to God.

    That journey to reconnect with God and ask him to shine his light on West?

    Design and set-up

    That took 15 years of artistic output. From what I heard at the listening party, just about every single song—from the lyrics to the production—is entirely focused on God and Jesus. And since West classically uses visual productions to showcase the narratives on his albums, we can assume what we see in the Jesus is King movie is detailing this religious reconnection, this spiritual rebirth. Here are three key motifs that capture that restoration.

    The first example is that epic opening shot of the film. The camera slowly pans upwards from an enclosed space to the open sky. Turrell, an American artist who experiments with light and space in his work, has been working on this project since he acquired a cinder cone volcano located outside Flagstaff, Ariz. He has since spent the last four decades building chasms and tunnels to transform the crater into a communal observatory. But it's not about the landforms. I'm working to bring celestial objects like the sun and moon into the spaces that we inhabit.